We are a group of innovators, designers, strategic planners, and most importantly creative thinkers that can take a business and form it into a house-hold brand. We pride ourselves in the ability to help your business develop and achieve long term goals towards growth.
A mainstay is the support system for the mast and sail of a ship, which propels the ship forward to its destination, just like the marketing and advertising is for a business, it pushes it towards growth and success. We at Mainstay want to be the same sort of support system for a businesses marketing and advertising; to help it grow and succeed, and know at the end of the day, their advertising is working for them.
At Mainstay Advertising we believe in a few fundamental philosophies that have made our clients the leaders in their respective categories in each and every market we work in. Our creative touch echoes a sound that disrupts a market. You remember our commercials, because they were built with the viewer in mind.