It's important to build your message for your target demographic, and know where to place that creative message to see an ROI.  We use years of research and past experience in creating your TV commercials, and know at the end of the day they are reaching the right eyeballs.

We came in, and changed the game at Tallahassee Ford Lincoln in Tallahassee, Florida.  Everyone in their market was so used to the screaming auto commercials, and they deserved something better, something different!

We transformed Wilson Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac in Stillwater, Oklahoma into the Wilson Auto Family with the tagline "Good People Helping Good People".  At the end of the day, this is a small town dealership that prides itself in helping the community while also being "the good guys".  They help the good people of their community find the car or truck they can afford and proud to drive.

We were lucky to work with someone as forward thinking as Dr. Matt Griswold and the 918 Chiropractic team.  From the way they designed their office space to be more welcoming to the patients, to the way he treats and heals, it gave Mainstay Advertising the ability to be creative in ways the Chiropractic field has never seen before.
This campaign focused on targeting potential clients through digital media, as we could filter down through age, gender, interests, and engagement in a very direct way.  Through Facebook, Pre-Roll Video, and our Re-Targeting tool, we reached thousands with his message of healing.

GO 2 Home Buyers came to Mainstay looking for creative to really speak to their target demographic. We felt their marketing dollars could be put to best use by creating a series of commercials that encompassed the normal reason people chose GO 2 Home Buyers, and made the viewer that was in the same situation pick up the phone and call.
The media placement complimented the creative by reaching the type of person who would call to sell their house, without ever putting it on the market. It was an older demographic that usually consumed their media during non normal peak viewing hours. This happens to be the most efficient demographic to reach on Television. Within a couple days of airing, the phone starting ringing, and we've never looked back!